Holding On To You (Acoustic)
by Twenty One Pilots
8,692 plays

and i’ll be holding on to you

  • brendon urie in 2006: Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Thank you so very much for attending this evening
  • brendon urie in 2014: im gonna FUCK every SINGLE one of you
A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More "Touch Me" [VOCALS ONLY]
by Fall Out Boy from From Under the Cork Tree
75,331 plays

What A Catch, Donnie [Acoustic]
by Fall Out Boy
1,140 plays


What A Catch, Donnie (acoustic) - Fall Out Boy

by Fall Out Boy from Folie à Deux
10,617 plays


It’s 1am here… this is for anyone else whose having a sleepless night.

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